Alzheimer’s News

Recently a new study was announced by researchers at the University of California- Los Angeles, which validates the first “gold standard” technique to measure early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The technique looks to measure atrophy, or loss of tissue in the...

Five Myths of Aging – Debunked

In Great Myths of Aging by Joan T. Erber and Lenore T. Szuchman generalizations and stereotypes associated with older people combined with a blend of humor and cutting-edge research, dispels some common myths. From older people getting into more car accidents to...

Tax Deductions For Assisted Living

Does Living in an Assisted Living Community Qualify as a Tax Deduction? Tax deductions can be a way to help ease the burden of daily living costs. For older adults living in an assisted living facility as well as for caregivers deductions may be a possibility. We’d...