Meet the Team

Liana Foote

Senior Executive Director

Liana Foote’s career in the senior living industry has been a great journey and has allowed her to have wonderful experiences, meet incredible people, and add purpose and meaning to her life. The Groves of Tustin is her second home, and Liana is committed to enhancing the lives of her residents, staff and friends of The Groves. Along with the excellent team members at The Groves of Tustin, she hopes to make this chapter in our residents’ lives as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.

Liana was born in Romania and immigrated to the United States in 1985. She grew up in San Diego and later relocated to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, where she studied gerontology and economics and was pre-med. After graduating from USC (Go, Trojans!), she moved back to San Diego and worked for a senior center downtown. After four years, Liana went back to school to attend the University of California–Irvine and obtained a master’s degree in business administration.

She is happily married to her husband, who is a CPA and managing tax accountant. Together, they have a child, Henry, and one four-legged child, Tinkerbell, who is a rescued cockapoo. If Liana is not at work, you can find her enjoying time with her family, keeping up with Henry, traveling, reading or trying out a new restaurant!

Fran Fyffe

Director of Sales and Marketing

Fran Fyffe’s love for seniors started when she was a little girl in Pennsylvania. Just one block from her home was a small “nursing home,” which was part of a local church. She was there whenever possible to read, paint fingernails, sing or whatever she could do to spend time with her favorite people in her little world. She became a candy striper, certified nurse assistant (CNA) and went on to nursing school, which turned out to not be a great fit for her at that time. Being involved with seniors in her current capacity is the perfect fit for her. She receives more joy coming to work than she ever imagined. To make even one senior smile makes her feel very blessed!

During Fran’s own time, she loves to be with her two kids, and to spend time with friends. She also enjoys traveling to distant countries, finding new locations to scuba dive and relaxing on the beach!

Cynthia Roberts

Director of Sales and Marketing

Cynthia Roberts is a Pennsylvania native who has lived in six states, but has been in California for the longest amount of time. She loves seniors and decided to change careers several years ago so she could work with them and for them. Cynthia has experience working in home care and hospice in addition to senior living.

Cynthia has four grown children, including two sons, Greg and Ben, and twin daughters, Margo and Makenzie. She also has one grandson, Pax. When Cynthia is not working, she enjoys doing yoga, dancing, trying new restaurants, riding horses, reading and traveling. She has a Siamese kitten with whom she has a love-hate relationship, because she is very active and requires a lot of attention. Cynthia currently lives in San Juan Capistrano and loves the history and culture there.

Debbie Garibaldi, LVN

Resident Care Director

Debbie Garibaldi has been a nurse since 2004 and considers herself to be a caregiver at heart. She enjoys helping people and caring for them. Debbie has been working in the assisted living industry for over 20 years.

Debbie has three children, including a set of twins. Her son serves in the military, which makes her a proud mom. She enjoys going to church and currently serves in the children’s ministry. On her days off, she spends her time going to museums, to shows and to the beach.

Tina Tanus

Vibrant Life® Director

Tina Tanus was truly excited to join the family at The Groves of Tustin in the winter of
2019. Her career in senior living began in 2010, when she started as a restaurant
supervisor and then shortly after was promoted to a restaurant manager. Since October
2017, Tina has worked in senior living as an activity director. Her journey has been very
rewarding and fulfilling. Tina feels truly blessed to become part of a great family at The
Groves of Tustin. Her hope is to make a positive impact on each and every one through
creativity and Vibrant Life® experiences.

Tina has been married to her husband, George, for six years. They have two grandsons,
Kevin, 11 years old, and Clayton, 2 years old. They also have two beautiful Cavalier
King Charles dogs, Winnie and Mr. Bentley. In their spare time, they enjoy having their
grandsons over and visits to the park with the whole gang (doggies)! They also enjoy
new restaurants and traveling.

Laura Foreman

Senior Generations Program Director

Laura Foreman was born in Torrance, Calif., and moved to Buena Park, Calif., when she was 5 years old. She went to Cal State University of Fullerton and received a Bachelor of Science degree in human services with an emphasis on gerontology. Laura had many internships in college, but the one she had at the Buena Park Senior Center helped her realize that her passion in life was to work with seniors. She started off in the industry as an activities director. After about seven years, she fell into the role as sales director. Then, she became the marketing move coordinator, which is a position she held for a short while until she had to leave to care for her mom. When her mom got better, Laura began working as the life guidance director (memory care) for a year and a half. Laura feels strongly that she is exactly where she is meant to be – serving as the Generations Program director at The Groves of Tustin.

Laura has been married for 10 years, and together, they have two amazing children: Aiden and Addison. They also have two rescue dogs named Diamond and Lola. They love to travel locally and globally. One of her family’s favorite things to do is go to Lake Havasu to relax on the boat.

Mirella Manjarrez

Senior Business Office Director

Mirella Manjarrez has been serving the residents at The Groves of Tustin since January 2009. Mirella is a more than 20-year assisted living veteran who brings a wealth of experience, having served as a med room supervisor, concierge, activity director and memory care director in previous roles. As the business office director, Mirella is responsible for processing accounts receivable and accounts payable. She also supports the human resources aspect of the business by managing employee files, ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies. Mirella also processes and provides follow-up on workers’ compensation claims in the community.

Mirella enjoys working with the residents, families and staff and provides solutions to challenges in a kind and professional manner.

German Favila Sosa

Senior Building Services Director

German Favila Sosa was born and raised in Mexico City, where he attended Politenico Nacional and studied engineering. Upon immigrating to the United States, German began working in the hotel and hospitality industry. His work was specifically in the maintenance department. Over the years, German has worked in many different maintenance settings, and for the last 16 years it has been in assisted living maintenance. He believes in the importance of working in a field that you are passionate about and believes that he has found his calling in working with seniors. German strives daily to provide unparalleled service and to bring a smile to all his residents’ faces. German has been serving the residents at the Groves of Tustin since December 2009.

As a single dad, German enjoys cooking and spending time with his beautiful granddaughter. 

Mark Gagnon

Senior Culinary Services Director

Mark Gagnon’s passion for cooking started at 8 years old. He has now been cooking for 34 great years. Mark started in the food and beverage business at 17, when he was hired to join a local hotel’s culinary department. After getting experience and knowledge, he later expanded his career and became a baker for Marie Callender’s. He also worked for Elephant Bar restaurant before he was introduced to senior living communities. During his first experience in the senior living community, he was a chef for eight delightful years. Then he decided it was time for a change in his career and later found the opportunity to be the culinary services director for The Groves of Tustin.

Cooking has always been his passion, and Mark enjoys cooking every day. He is committed to introducing exquisite and fresh, new meals to his residents daily. Working in senior living has been a great practice for him as well as a fun environment. Mark appreciates and looks forward to creating great experiences for both residents and family members here at The Groves of Tustin.

He has been with his wife for 27 years, and they’ve been married for 25 amazing years. They met working in Palm Desert and later had four boys. In his spare time, Mark likes to ride motorcycles and cook almost every night for his family and friends. Spending time with his family is the highlight of his life.

Now this is living ... senior living!

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